Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Did Cheney Lie about Zarqawi in Iraq?

I briefly remember some reports about a terrorist camp in Iraq. It turned out to be in the North were Saddam had no control. Brad De Long has picked up on what may be the first correction of the VP debate. Or as someone writes in the comments section:

The claim is (or was) that Zarqawi was briefly in Baghdad for medical treatment. The story was a leg amputation, but as noted, Zarqawi's amputated leg can't grow as fast as Cheney's nose.
Recently the CIA has concluded that there is no conclusive evidence that Zarqawi was ever in Baghdad (I mean until we invaded, he's probably been there since).

UPDATE: Here is the Reuters article on the CIA report that indicated there is no conclusive evidence that he had sanctuary in Iraq during Saddam's rule and if he did there is no evidence it was with Saddam's knowledge.

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